Choose from over 120 varieties of apples at Wilson’s Orchard. You can pick your own fruit or buy them already picked. Our apples range from the classic “antique” varieties enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson to the most recent releases from university fruit breeding programs. Most are great for eating out of hand; some are best for baking or juice. Click here (PDF) for an apple ripening chart. To learn more about specific apple varieties, click here.

Start your picking adventure in the barn, where you will can sample the apple varieties that are ripe at that time. You can also get a map of the orchard, picking baskets and advice on where to find the best picking. Once you get into the orchard, you will find each row marked by variety. Pick as much as you want, mix and match as you please; all apples are the same price. Bring your apples to the barn for weighing when you check out.


During the month of October, you will find a variety of pumpkins available at Wilson’s Orchard. Pick your own pumpkins or pick them up already picked – you choose. We have several fields of pumpkins along the creek, with mini-pumpkins, smallish pie pumpkins and the larger jack-o-lantern pumpkins for carving.