Starting in August, pick up a half gallon or gallon jug of cider, or snag a 4-pack of sparkling cider from our Farm Market and from retailers throughout Iowa.


Making good apple cider is a bit of an art. Of course, you have to start with the right apples. Our 100 varieties allow us to strike the right balance between sweet, sour, and fragrant. Throughout the season, the kind of apples we press will vary based on what's ripening at the time, making our cider a truly seasonal product.

Sweet & Crisp

Wilson’s Orchard Sparkling Apple Cider is just fresh-pressed apples, lightly carbonated for a refreshing fizz.

Unfiltered, with minimal intervention. Straight from our orchard to the can. All-natural and suitable for both children and adults alike.

Right from the Orchard

Did you know, one glass of Wilson’s apple cider contains the raw juice of about four apples? Our cider is flash pasteurized. And we never add sugar, or artificial flavors. Fresh Pressed Apple Juice.

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