Our mission is to help develop local, ethical, and regenerative food and farm systems in our communities.

What We Believe in

Iowa Grown

Choosing locally-grown means lower food miles, and a smaller carbon footprint.


We believe that understanding where your food comes from is important.


Our growers and farm partners utilize a variety of environmentally responsible practices.

Community Supported Agriculture

The most important piece of our farm ecosystem is you, and we aim to grow the food that you're hungry for. We try to choose varieties that prioritize flavor, meet the local demand for Iowa-grown produce, and improve the health and wellness of our community.

Giving Back

The strength of our food supply chain relies on farmers providing reasonable access to locally-grown food and beverages to the entire community. Each season we partner with various local food pantries and community programs that support our neighborhoods and make our products easily available to as many as possible.

Cultivate Your Career

Our Roles

We operate in fields spanning agriculture, hospitality, culinary arts, retail, and more. We offer a variety of roles ranging from seasonal or part-time, to full-time and managerial.

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