Des Moines

125 Acre Polyculture Farm

Coming to Des Moines in Spring 2023.

What We Grow

Animals treated with respect.
Farm- fresh fruits and vegetables
Cutting garden filled with flowers

Direct to Consumer

We invite you to visit our farm for a hands-on experience to pick your own from our selection of crops and learn more about our sustainable growing practices.

Our goal is to educate on and nurture the connection our customers have with their food and growers, and improve the quality of flavor and nutrition of the food that is supplied to our community.

Ethical Farming

In addition to improving quality and flavor of grown foods local, regenerative, and ethical farming practices:
- Improve soil and water quality
- Reduce erosion
- Minimize social and economical inputs
- Sequester carbon

Integrated Pest Management

IPM is a sustainable, science-based, crop management system that relies on natural controls and beneficial organisms for managing disease and insect problems.  

Disease and insect pressure is carefully monitored as well as weather conditions and forecasts.  Software programs are utilized to make pest control decisions, balancing allowable damage with projected pest populations.  

In the event that we do employ pesticides, we work with softer materials which allow beneficial organisms to continue to do the lion's share of the pest control.  We continue to look for ways to further reduce pesticide use and move to a fully organic production system.

Growing in your community.

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