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Tried & true -- our flagship line of quality, Iowa-crafted hard ciders.

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Drink More Apples

At Wilson’s Orchard and Farm, we grow over 100 varieties of dessert and cider apples. Our team of growers meticulously research and cultivate each variety to ensure the best possible crop each season. In 2015, Wilson’s Orchard began crafting our very own hard ciders choosing apples that, when fermented, craft a full-bodied brew that reflects the unique characteristics of Iowa’s legendary rich soils.

Each Wilson’s Hard Cider is handcrafted. Our cider makers fresh-press and ferment our cider -- blending varieties that contribute to a unique taste and experience.

We steward our land using environmentally responsible methods that blend generations worth of farming knowledge with modern, sustainable techniques. Our apples ripen between August and October, and are hand-picked at the peak of their season so they are packed full of flavor.


Honeycrisp, the people's apple. Rejected early on by big retailers and big apple growers alike, the apple grew through u-pick orchards because people just plain loved eating them.

Juicy and crunchy at the same time - no apple had done that before. For this cider, we press fresh Honeycrisp apples to keep things refreshing and full of real apple flavor just like the ones you pick from the orchard. 

Old Blue

Our orchard dog loves to fetch. Blue heeler and lab mix, he was pretty much born for it. This blueberry cider is also a bit of a mutt, as are so many of life's best things.

Nice flavor and color from blueberries with snap and kick from fermented apples. Pretty fetching really. 

Peach Fizz

For those of us in the Midwest, peaches are as close as we get to locally grown tropical fruit. Sweet, juicy, sticky, floral - just like fruit from hotter lands.

Being good midwesterners, we pair that tropical goodness with the king of our fruit, the magnificent apple. Summer in a glass, with a taste of fall. 

Cherry Crush

One of the fruit world's unsung heroes is the humble tart cherry.

Our Cherry Crush cider mixes the rich, understated flavors of tart cherries with the mildly sweet background of hard apple cider. Just enough cherry to think summer, just enough hard apple cider to keep it interesting glass after glass.