Cidermaker Series Hard Cider Lineup

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Wild Ferment

Apples grown hundreds of feet from where they are fermented. Pressed into juice at their peak ripeness.
Time for Mother Nature to do her work. The backbone of this cider is our flagship apple, GoldRush. Left to ferment for months with the wild yeast that flows through our
orchard. Dabinett apples, first discovered in England during the mid 1800s, are blended in to balance out the acidity with their beautiful tannins. Leaving you with an earthy, complex, drink that is a snapshot of last year's harvest.

November 2022

Oak Aged

Providing shelter, shade, and life to the forest around it. Soaking up the knowledge of the world gaining wisdom with every passing year. Standing strong against whatever mother nature throws at it. The backbone of this cider comes from the mighty oak. Our fermented base cider “must” is rested on American oak with light and medium roasts for months. Allowing time for the charred wood to express itself fully. Silky vanilla, caramel, and light chocolate from the medium roast stand alongside subtle notes of toasted nuts and hints of toffee from the light roast. The Mighty Oak imparts it’s wisdom throughout each sip of this off-dry hard cider.

FEbruary 2022

Gold Rush

Simply put this is Wilson's Orchard in a can. Like Wild Ferment, this cider contains our flagship apple Gold Rush grown just hundreds of feet from where it is pressed and fermented! We used a white wine yeast that brings out the beautiful tropical fruity esters of Gold Rush while maintaining the sharpness we all have grown to love. The apples for this pressing were left on the tree a bit longer which resulted in higher sugar concentrations which means a bit of a stronger cider than we're used to seeing from Wilson's. To take the edge off a bit we've back sweetened with Gold Rush juice right off our press. Fruity, tart, and strong just the way our cider makers like it!

Year Round


Pronounced “kuh-vike”, meaning yeast in Norwegian. This Nordic-Style Cider has a rich history of farmers propagating farmhouse yeast strains from generation to generation. The flavors impart stone fruit esters with notes of peach & apricot. Zero residual sugars results in a dry, slightly acidic finish. Cheers!

August 2022


When you end up with too many blackberries, what better to do than turn them into alcohol? When we found ourselves with excess blackberries and Aronia berries we knew just what to do. We crushed the whole fruit by hand, incorporated the berries into our fresh pressed apple cider, and fermented the blend of fruit and juices. This delicious rosé fermented over the winter and then rested for months. The cider shows off the beautiful color and tannins from the berries while still packing a nice fruity punch.

may 2022


Dank, Grassy, Tropical. Not always words you'd associate with a dry hard cider. Tipping out hat to one of the original ciders we made here at Wilson's, Hoppleseed -- a cult classic, we expanded the hop profile to be more reminiscent of those found in West Coast IPAs. Pairing up with a local hop supplier we chose a blend that has hints of citrus, tropical fruit, and "grassy dank-ness". Dry hopping over the course of a few days brings out all the hop goodness without the bitterness which melds beautifully with our dry hard cider. Bright, tropical, dry- just how we like it.

November 2022