DAFT: Derecho 2020

Paul Rasch
Studio Bee

September 24, 2023




In this episode of DAFT (Dumb Apple Farmer Talks), Paul Rasch from Wilson's discusses how the inland hurricane has effected our farm, and the steps we're taking to recover.

On August 10th, 2020 Iowa was ambushed by 80 - 110 mph winds in what meteorologist are calling a Derecho. The storm, which seemed to come out of nowhere, left hundreds of thousands of Iowans without power for days, an incredible amount of debris from old-growth trees, and damaged farmlands extensively.

While Iowa City and the surrounding areas sustained a lot of damage, what our neighbors to the north in Cedar Rapids are experiencing is much, much worse. In fact, a week later there are still people without homes, food, water, and electricity.