Wilson's Hard Cider

Our Cidermaker Greg Ruth talks about producing our wild fermented cider.


Drink More Apples

At Wilson’s Orchard and Farm, we grow over 100 varieties of dessert and cider apples. Our team of growers meticulously research and cultivate each variety to ensure the best possible crop each season. In 2015, Wilson’s Orchard began crafting our very own hard ciders choosing apples that, when fermented, craft a full-bodied brew that reflects the unique characteristics of Iowa’s legendary rich soils.

Each Wilson’s Hard Cider is handcrafted. Our cider makers fresh-press and ferment our cider -- blending varieties that contribute to a unique taste and experience.

We steward our land using environmentally responsible methods that blend generations worth of farming knowledge with modern, sustainable techniques. Our apples ripen between August and October, and are hand-picked at the peak of their season so they are packed full of flavor.

The Whole Apple

Every apple has a purpose, and they are the most central ingredient to our farm’s health and sustainability.

Our staff of growers and cider makers ensure that each apple is paid the respect it deserves -- harvesting each piece of fruit by hand and using it to its fullest extent.

We even supplement our sheep’s traditional grain feed with nutrient-rich apple pomace leftover from pressing juice.

Iowa Cider Experiences

Making great cider means you have to work for it.

Our farmers meticulously care for our over 100 acres of farmland -- Maintaining the health and production of thousands of apple trees and tending to row after row of the various other crops.

As a result, we benefit from some of the richest natural resources that our region has to offer. And we want to share that experience with you.

Our farm and cidery is open to the public most of the year, and we invite you to partake.